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the studio

My studio is in my home, in Southern California. Every inch of it is filled with things that inspire me- books, colors, textures, and antique fabrics from my favorite designers. And of course, my supplies themselves. Just glancing at the brushes and dyes makes me want to create. My studio represents how I feel about my work- Passionate!

The Silk Painting Process

One of my favorite surface designs is silk painting. There are many steps in creating a hand-painted silk scarf. A quick glimpse of the main steps is as follows:

  • The design (as pictured above) begins as PURE WHITE, 100% silk, and is attached to stretcher bars.
  • My design is outlined with a resist to keep the dyes from running together.
  • I apply the vibrant French silk dyes, one brush-stroke at a time, until the design is completed.
  • I then begin the lengthy dye-setting process, to make the scarf wash-fast.
  • Even though some designs may be similar, no two pieces are ever completely alike!


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