about the artist

Gabriele Agustini

Silk-Painter/Fabric Designer
Specializing in Silk and Velvet Accessories and Yardage

Born in Europe to artistic parents, Gabriele, herself, became an award-winning oil painter.

By the time she arrived in the United States, at age nine, she knew that she wanted to become an artist, and never wavered from that dream.

Her mission with her art is to "add luscious colors and sensual textures to your wardrobe."™

She switched mediums after leafing through a silk-painting book she intended to buy for a friend. Gabriele knew immediately that this was what she had to do! The book went home with her, and the friend was given something else for Christmas. That was in 1996 and she has never gone back to her oils.

Gabriele describes painting on silk: "When the brush touches the silk and the dyes begin to flow, the feeling is as delicious as cake frosting or a baby's kiss!"

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