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who's wearing gabriele agustini?

First Lady
Michelle Obama

Former First Lady
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Former First Lady of California
Maria Shriver

The late Elizabeth Taylor

"Many thanks for my beautiful scarves!"

Maureen O'Hara

"I simply LOVE the scarf and in fact, plan to wear it in the fall with a new outfit."

Angela Lansbury

Barbara Eden ("I Dream Of Jeannie")

Julie Newmar ("Catwoman")

Nancy Sinatra ("These Boots Are Made For Walking")

Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh, "As The World Turns")

Stephany Powers

Paula Abdul
Singer/Dancer/TV Star

"Gabriele Agustini's scarves are exquisite, wearable works of art. I am the proud owner of one with bright, decadent sunflowers. Makes me so happy to look at, and even more happy to wear."

Elaine Hendrix

Joely Fisher

Kathy Hilton
(Paris' mother)

Nancy Grace
Legal Commentator
HLN: Nancy Grace

Connie Stevens

Gloria Allred
Attorney at Law

Laura Diaz

Patricia Kara, Leyla Milani, Brooke Long, Lindsay Clubine
"Deal Or No Deal" girls

"I love it! I love it!"

The late Mr. Blackwell
Fashion critic (Annual Best & Worst Dressed List)

Lou Ferrigno ("The Incredible Hulk")

Marc Cherry
Creator of "Desperate Housewives"

Garry Marshall

Steven Bochco

Harrison Ford

Clint Eastwood

Sir Roger Moore ("007")

Barry Manilow

Andy Williams

Shirley Jones ("Mrs. Partridge")

Mariel Hemingway

"The colors of the beautiful scarf truly reflect my spirit."

Kathy Smith
Your leader in total fitness

Debbie Reynolds

"I am so happy and proud to have your beautiful artwork on my body. It was a pleasure meeting you. The Betty Ferguson Foundation is very fortunate to have you as a friend and supporter. Thanks again for being my friend, too!!!"

Ruta Lee

"These are the most beautiful and exquisite scarves I have ever owned, and I am so touched by the love and artistry that made them so. Thank you, thank you, Gabriele!"

Stephanie Edwards
Actress/Commentator TV/Radio Interviewer Commercial Spokesperson

"Thank you for the deliciously, beautiful scarf you made for me! It is just scrumptious and all my friends are jealous. I will treasure it always! You are fabulous!"

Chellie Campbell
Author, "The Wealthy Spirit," "From Zero to Zillionaire," Speaker, "Financial Stress Reduction Workshop"

"What an honor to receive that scarf that you painted especially for me. It indeed looks like me! And it includes my favorite colors. It is an honor indeed to wear your art and to celebrate all that it stands for."

Dr. Dianne Van Hook
President, College of the Canyons

Linda Hafizi
Publisher - Elite Magazine and The Magazine of Santa Clarita

"Colorful, chic and sophisticated, my scarf epitomizes colorful happiness. I don't have to be having a bad-hair day to wear it, but I love using mine as a head scarf. They are each beautiful and totally original."

Amy Swift
Writer, Editor in Chief "Ladies Who Launch"
Los Angeles

"Every time I wear your scarf someone ALWAYS compliments me. They truly are stunning. If any of you ladies is a shop owner, definitely take a look at Gabriele's accessories... It truly is like wearing a piece of art."

Dr. Venus Nicolino

"I love to add a splash of color to my suits with Gabriele's scarves. It's so much fun to add a creative and feminine side to the traditional business look. Gabriele's scarves are like precious works of art to be framed and put in a gallery!"

Sandra Sellani
Author and Brand Consultant

"I have never seen such amazing art and design, as I have since owning my pieces from Gabriele. Unique and absolutely exquisite, it's hard to believe this very talented lady starts with a plain, white piece of fabric, and transforms it into such amazing design. The colors, the textures, and most importantly, the art itself, showcases the talent and beauty that is Gabriele. I always get compliments on my velvet and silk scarves, and everyone wants to know who has painted such beauty. Gabriele effortlessly mixes art with fashion, unlike no other. Gabriele, you're the best!"

Claudia Brady Drake
Dreams: the Crystal Visions of Stevie Nicks

"I love my 'Goji Goddess' scarf from Gabriele! It is the most elegant and beautiful scarf in the world! I highly recommend her one-of-a-kind, work of art scarves to anyone! The quality of the silk and the pure joy of her artistry is just a delight!"

Cathy Silvers
Health & Lifestyle Coach, Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef,
Author, Actress (Jenny Piccolo, "Happy Days")

"Gabriele is incredibly talented. Her vivid colors and unique design concept, make each scarf a real piece of art. I mostly wear black, and this small touch of color, tied choker-style around my neck, gives me the perfect punch of color and makes me feel more put together."

Sarah Shaw

"Gabriele's fabrics are a work of art. My scarf is so incredibly beautiful. There is so much depth and life in the colors, that I sometimes just stare at it and get lost. I wear my scarf many ways, as a scarf of course, as a belt, and in my hair. I always feel so beautiful when I am wearing it. My scarf is the most beautiful item of clothing I own."

Tammy Roach
Santa Clarita, CA

"You are an amazingly multifaceted, artistic woman! The scarves you create on all the various forms of fabric, etc. are a joy, a blessing and a wonderment for anyone who is so fortunate as to see or own one of your creations. The scarves you created for our Woman of Honor ladies were absolutely fabulous! You are a sweet, generous and talented woman, dedicated to all things beautiful. You are an incredible asset to the art world, and as well to our own Mes Amies and Betty Ferguson Foundation. I thank God for bringing you into our lives!"

Marjorie Priest
Founder of the Betty Ferguson Foundation
Santa Clarita, CA

"I have enjoyed owning a piece of your unique artwork. It is a beautiful scarf that I will one day, hand down to my own daughter. Your attention to detail is evident in all your pieces."

Jane BettencourtSoto
PR & Marketing Director of Pink Ribbon Gifts
Santa Clarita, CA

"Your hand painted velvet scarves are so versatile. I use one as a table runner and it looks fabulous."

Judy Cox
Founder of the Betty Ferguson Foundation
Santa Clarita, CA

"Thank you so much for my beautiful "original" scarf. I love it. The color and the fact that you designed it. You are immensely talented and I am so pleased to have a few of your pieces! I love your work!"

Marlee Lauffer
VP, Marketing and Communications Newhall Land
Santa Clarita, CA

Laurene Weste
Mayor of Santa Clarita, CA

"Any time I want to feel special, I put on my 'Gabriele Agustini'  scarf. It looks and feels beautiful, like my own personal piece of art. Every time I wear it, I get a deluge of compliments, even from strangers. You are a true artist, Gabriele, and I am honored to own one of your originals."

Michelle Sathe
Commentator for Local Headline News, Editor of www.Food411.com, and Owner of "In So Many Words" Public Relations

"My husband bought one of Gabriele's scarves for my birthday. The women at my work rave about it! In fact, I'm wearing it today and I'm feeling very glamorous!"

Veronica Derrick

"Gabriele's dynamic fabrics are color and texture in motion! Using them in our performance extended the dancers' movements into space, in an exquisite display of color. Thank you, Gabriele!"

Christine Juarez
Cornish College of the Arts, Dance Dept., Seattle, WA
Artistic Director, Vashon Dance Theater, Vashon, WA

"Gabriele's exquisite silk backdrops graced the stage of our 19th century romantic ballet. The option of lighting the dancers behind the silk in silhouette, or in front, added depth and drama to the ballet. The scene transitions, choreographed by the dancers pulling the gathered fabric away, revealed yet another fantasy scene that enchanted the audience, young and old!"

Christine Juarez
Cornish College of the Arts, Dance Dept., Seattle, WA
Artistic Director, Vashon Dance Theater, Vashon, WA

"I love Gabriele's amazing clothes. Whenever I wear something of hers, it never fails I get a ton of compliments!! Her work is so beautiful and so different, I always stand out at any event I attend, when I'm wearing one of her creations."

Toby Berlin
Vice President Programming Acquisitions DIRECTV

"I LOVE the scarf it's absolutely beautiful! Thank you for being so helpful to my husband and getting it here on time. It was just the perfect gift (I knew it would be). The dragon is gorgeous. I don't want to take it off!"

Washington, DC

"I saw a scarf I liked in a museum shop. I called and they said they were no longer available, so it became a quest. Yours were TOTALLY superior to anything out there, so... I'm waiting anxiously! (I will let you know when it arrives.)

The scarf came today and it IS lovely... yummy as you said! It's everything I'd hoped for... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Omaha, NE

"I received the package today. They are so lovely! The colors and designs are great. What a treasure. Your talent is amazing and I wish you all the best with your new line. I will try to get a photo of her wearing them. They are breathtaking! Thank you!"

Ira Streitfeld
Portland, OR

"I am speechless! Okay... Slowly at least the written word returns to me. The package arrived and I was like a kid at Christmas. I opened it and found that tulle bow, and ribbon!!!! The two colors are perfectly gorgeous and match my gown!! I will work the tulle into my bridal bouquet and it will be my "something blue" and it makes you even more part of the ceremony!! And finally I got to the fabric. NO WAY that piece of swatch could have prepared me for the beauty of this. Your work is stunning!!

It has sent me back to the design table as I am still in the final stages of underlayers and not yet finished with the bodice of the dress, and so am going to see if I can add this fabric to more than just the bodice, or can do something that makes it even more its own piece within my outfit. It is just that beautiful!! You allowed an ethereal dream of my heart become a piece of lush, molten velvet in my hands. THANK you."

Doe West

"Wow, where do I start? First of all, I absolutely LOVE my fabric. My heart was pounding as I opened the box, wondering how it would look, and I am just in awe! The velvet is so soft and luscious, and the roses that were burned in were more than I could have hoped for. I cant believe that is my design on a piece of fabric and its going to be my wedding gown!?! Its like a dream come true. I had to look again and again to make sure I wasn't dreaming! The amount of time and energy you put into this goes way beyond the call of duty. It was so nice to be able to work with you personally and make a friend out of this whole process. I can feel (and see) just how much love and attention to detail you put into this, and I am so grateful for all your hard work. I will be sure to send you tons of pictures of the dress (a continuation of the story you started) as well as all of the other things this fabric has inspired! I feel so blessed to have you as a major part of this process you have been so good to me, I cant thank you enough. I want you to know that this dress would never have meant so much to me without you, and it is going to make my wedding day so special. I feel beautiful just looking at it, and know that wearing it will be an honor. Thank you for your artistry, your friendship, and your love that is clearly reflected in your work. Thank you... Thank you.... Thank you.... THANK YOU!"

Marilee Kimball
Seattle, WA

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! How original! I can't wait to try on all those incredible outfits on my baby. And the socks are just to die for!"

Ivy Pearson
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Valencia, CA

"Did you actually paint these yourself? They look great! My friend loved the scarf! Butterflies have a special meaning to her, so she was somewhat choked up."

K. Bickford
Haverville, MA

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